Working Magic

Robert van der Touw Design in your kitchen.

Van der Touw design can give your space that personal touch. They can really set your kitchen off and make it stand out. Kitchens are expensive and adding a individually designed splash back can make your kitchen unique and different from any other kitchen. Simply Beautiful interiors are made stunning with a splash back statement piece.

Robert van der Touw developed his designs over many years based on his study of New Zealand nature. Each design has a story that will add to the individuality of your home. Here is shown a design created out of sunlight reflecting of the wings of the New Zealand wood pigeon. Robert, having his background in natural medicine, spend 15 years facilitating medicinal research on flora and fauna of New Zealand. The research on the New Zealand wood pigeon gave the result that it was beneficial for supporting a feeling of trust. The stories of this research are part of the designs. This gives the designs a deeper meaning. Each splash back comes also with a unique story making it an excellent conversation piece.