New Zealand Nature Designs

New Zealand Nature Designs enriched by a background in the medicinal research of native plants.

Almost all designs have New Zealand nature patterns. The designs are also linked to many years of research Robert undertook on the medicinal properties of New Zealand native plants. Each design is from the pattern of a native plant and tells a unique story. This story comes with the design.

“I belief in bringing the gifts and energy that New Zealand’s unique beauty offers into our homes. The plants, trees, leaves and their natural occurring patterns are highly decorative and are fantastic for setting certain moods and for creating a happy and dynamic atmosphere. I adore New Zealand nature and I feel privileged to work with her.”

To read more about the impact of nature designs in home and workplace explore biophilic design:

‘Inspiration’ The natural patterns of New Zealand native plants not only bring beauty but also add their own ‘flavour’ to the process of creating delightful meals. Each plant, based on the designer’s research, has a medicinal quality that expresses itself in its design. Words can be added to highlight its meaning or left out. This design is created from the natural leave patterns of the native Ngaio tree. Words describing the quality linked to the plant can be added or left out.