Medium Designs


Background colour and size can be adjusted to suit.

There are a wide range of designs to choose from. And there is also the possibility of having something designed for you.


‘Children of the Forest’. Combining the natural pattern of New Zealand plants and trees presents a striking and beautiful design. Here are depicted the natural patterns of native plants: puriri leaves, flax leaves and karaka Each splashback comes a certificate and explanation of the gift qualities of the plants.


‘Te Ao ‘Marama’. The magical realm of nature. The New Zealand flax is a standard New Zealand icon and the designs are hard to beat in regards to colour and light. Sunlight pours through flax leaves and show the iron content in the soil in their red markings. A delightful creation with stunning Maori design.



The New Zealand wood pigeon deliver a majestic and impressive design enhanced by what they represent: the feathers symbolise trust.


Staghorn Splendor. 

Not a New Zealand native plant but nevertheless a favourite. Sunlight pouring through the decayed fronts presents a delightful spectacle of mosaic beauty.



In many cultures dragonflies are regarded as the ambassador of the nature spirits. Here sunlight flowing through dragonfly wings is used as ‘in between pillars’ to accentuate the natural patterns of New Zealand native plants. On the left the gentle leaves of the Ngaio, creating what looks like a cloak of green. On the right the leaves of the mighty New
Zealand Kauri.


Magic Mushrooms.

Another example of the versatile flax leaves. Red marks are caused by high iron content in the soil. Contrast of red, yellows and black. A very rich, artistic and elegant design.


Phoenix Rising.

Sunlight streaming through decayed stag horn leaves symbolising that all experiences in life have their beauty. A striking triptych of warm fiery orange and yellow. A delightful spectacle comparable to the colourful effect of a lead light window.



Sunlight in the flax leaves creating the endearing shape of a heart. If it was only to accentuate that everything that happens in this kitchen is created with love! What better statement to make about food and the effort that goes in creating it! And what a striking splashback. This is not for a kitchen with jealous neighbours! One of the most delightful splashbacks. And sorry..’no one offs’ unless we create some drastic changes!


Bodhi Leaves.

The seed of this graceful tree were brought into New Zealand by a Buddhist monk and according to his words originated from the sacred tree where Buddha achieved the state of enlightenment. You don’t need to be a buddhist to really appreciate the rich grandeur of this design! Great design for contemplative space like library or study.


Nature’s Delight.

Another example of the ‘Flaxappeal’! With its endless variations in colours and shapes this New Zealand nature icon never disappoints in setting the mood in your special space. Here are imaginative and soothing tones to set a calm and imaginative mood.