Inspired by New Zealand Nature

Inspired by New Zealand Nature

by Robert van der Touw


I use the knowledge of the gift qualities of plants and their beauty in my art. And I consciously apply this to help others. remind their own inner beauty and connectedness. This is the purpose of my art. With the help of my intent, and the help of nature’s pristine medium, I can send a powerful message of healing and connecting. In my experience the natural attraction my customers experience for my art will trigger its transformational potential. Mother Nature heals and to bring benefits to all who are attracted to her beauty. That is the magic of nature. Nature’s beauty can bring us to a place of childlike wonder and amazement. Nature can lift us up to world of of harmony and beauty. New Zealand nature in particular has great transformational power as New Zealand as part of it is still in its original pristine state.

I have come to know the gift qualities of many New Zealand plants though 20 years of intensive research involving many other kiwi’s. I have developed tremendous respect for the potential power hidden within our natural world. And I apply this purposely to create a better world though my art and design. I acknowledge how privileged I am to have been able to develop this relationship with nature. In turn, in this process, she too is my benefactor. She is my healer.

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