Singular Designs


Applicable on a large variety of materials and created and sized to suit! There are a wide range of designs to choose from. Designs can also be created to suit your personal needs.

Contact us for exclusively designed artwork to bring nature’s gift to your home and/or workplace.

New Zealand made – naturally as nature designs best!

Fixed size designs suited to serve as splashbacks (600mm-750mm and 900mm-750mm):


Flaxappeal – Magic. 

Flax is a New Zealand icon and its designs are hard to beat in regards to colour and light. Here sunlight exposes red markings which are a result of a high iron content in the soil. A striking design.



Sunlight on the wings of the New Zealand Tui displaying lovely shades of blues and greys on a silver background. Tui are known for their unique song. Each song different from the other. Perhaps an invitation here to explore your unique creative talents and discover new flavours.




Sunlight on the wings of the New Zealand wood pigeon displaying lovely shades of turquoise green and greyish blue. Wood pigeons are graceful flyers and prone to playful antics due to their appetite for intoxicating berries. They are a symbol of abundance and trust.




A very classy design created out of a feather from the New Zealand owl or morepork.



Follow your Heart.

 A flax heart symbolising a strong loving heart draws its strength from flexibility and an ability to adjust to life’s demands. A striking design symbolising unity and strength.




A delightful design combining elegant flax leaves with evening sunlight.



Flaxappeal – Emerald.

Flax is a New Zealand icon and its designs are hard to beat in regards to colour and light. Here sunlight exposes emerald green and golden brown tones in the flax leaves.



Royalty of the Forest.

Sunlight on the wings of the New Zealand Wood Pigeon. Shades of turquoise, blues and blue greens not dissimilar to the ones display by the New Zealand papa shells. A striking piece that as a canvas, print or as glass art will make for a central feature.



Wings of Trust.

This splashback has lovely shades of pink, silver and lavender blue colours caused by sunlight reflecting off the feathers of the New Zealand wood pigeon. An icon of trust and playfulness.



Taniwha descending.

If you are looking for a statement in natural designs. This is a very striking image created out of sunlight reflecting of the wings of the New Zealand wood pigeon. A variety of colours including blue, turquoise, wine red and gold.



Morning Glory.

Rise and shine with this dynamic splashback above your kitchen stove. Put on the billie and wake up to this stunning display of flax magic and sunlight.



Flax on Fire.

The edges of flax leaves set alight by the setting sun provide a lovely contrast between a rich olive green and orange.




Sunlight pouring through flax can occasionally cause a natural variety of stunning colours. A creative outpour of light and colour that stimulates the imagination.




One of our most sought after designs. A flax heart to welcome all to the warm hearth of the kitchen. An excellent glass art or print for any place in the house.