Glass Art(Splashback) with a story!


   Although my focus is now on developing glass art there was quite a story that preceded this development. My background is in natural medicine and after my arrival in New Zealand in 1990 I had the privilege of teaching in the main naturopathic and homeopathic colleges in New Zealand. I fell in love with New Zealand nature and became passionate about finding out the medicinal properties of native plants. I was in a prime position to do this as I had many students who could help me with this research. This is how I developed much information about the healing gifts of native plants. Because of that background every design I create now has a story of the gift quality of the plant it represents. I belief that what we see and what we enjoy looking at has an effect on our well being. This is a big part of my passion and motivation of doing my design work. I belief that I can invite the healing gifts of nature into the home and workplace by creating designs with the natural patterns of the plant. Every splashback, every piece of glass art has therefore a unique story that can contribute to the enjoyment of having it in your space. When you purchase one of my designs you will also get the story that comes with it. Although each individual piece might have its own story here are some of the most prominent stories of my journey with some popular designs and their deeper significance for our well being.

The story of the Kauri designs……..(Read more).