Kiwi designer Robert van der Touw has added to his designs his knowledge gained from extensive research on the medicinal properties of New Zealand native plants. With the purchase of a design also comes a certificate of originality and the detailed description of its story.



“I found the patterns found in New Zealand nature strikingly beautiful and original. It is my passion to create the best that New Zealand has to offer, into a design that will beautify and enrich your home. Each design comes with a unique story based on the research on its medicinal property. This adds another dimension to each design and gifts it meaning.”


There are a wide range of designs to choose from. And there is also the possibility of having a design specially created to suit your personal needs!

Vandertouwdesigns can be suited to any size.

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New Zealand made – naturally


“Robert, your design work is beautiful and highly biophilic. Thank you for connecting with me.”
Bill Browning
(Terrapin Bright Green crafts environmental strategies for governments, corporations and complex real estate projects US.)
Read Bill Browning’s article on biophilic design on my website vandertouwdesign.co.nz /inspiration. (Biophilic design: incorporating nature into architecture).