Art designs from New Zealand Nature.

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Alison Parr from Kerikeri: This is my beautiful kitchen completely white but with the ultra WOW factor of my gorgeous splashback which was designed by Robert van der Touw. Makes working and cooking such a pleasure!

Nikki Steward from Kerikeri: I’m grateful I found Van der Touw Design to create my splashback.I knew it would be amazing. It is awesome, everyone that comes here fallls in love with it!

Bringing New Zealand nature in the home and workplace.

"It is my privilege to bring these beautiful New Zealand nature designs, and the special qualities they represent, into your home or workplace. Based on years of research on their medicinal qualities they can transform the environment in which they are placed. I belief in bringing the gifts and energy that New Zealand’s unique beauty offers into our homes. The plants, trees, leaves and their natural occurring patterns are highly decorative and are fantastic for setting certain moods and for creating a happy and dynamic atmosphere. I adore New Zealand nature and I feel privileged to work with her.”

Robert van der Touw



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